Sunday, March 20, 2011

internet sharing

someone has been complaining about the internet at my apartment for a long time
it's true that we have a diversity of tenants here
downloader, maple player, PPS viewer, DOTA and HON player
it's well known that torrenting and online gaming cannot coexist
i too understand this part
different people has different ways to use the internet
i admit that i like to download movies, lot's of them
and also series too
sometimes albums and programs
therefore torrenting is my internet life

i know torrenting lags the line for gamers
i liked online games before
but in this sharing environment
i know it is hard to have the maximum enjoyment of online games
others are using the internet as well
i know they tried hard to prevent me from downloading
hard core PPS and the usage of Thunder downloader has always slowed down my downloads to almost zero
but to make things fair
i always shared my movies, series, albums
even the windows 7, microsoft office 2007 and MATLAB that you're using right now,
comes from my torrents

yes, i know my download goes on the whole day
i never objected the idea of you unplugging my LAN cable from the router
even gaming has a limit to it
i'm impressed that you can play from day to night, and night to day again
even if i stopped my torrents while you play
i'll have to wait till forever to get the chance to download
i tried downloading while i left for class,
your time table is different than mine
i tried downloading at night,
you played till god knows when
i tried downloading when you're out,
just a few minutes or hours is never enough
not to mention that other users are still in the house
i tried downloading when you're sleeping
you set macro to do botting on your character
so, when only can i download?

yes, i used port forwarding before
and it doesn't make much difference
since you've disabled it every time
with limited knowledge about port forwarding and the effect of torrenting without port forward
i have no comment on this, thus i stopped doing so

yes, i used a program to limit the bandwidth of every PC in the premise
and you thought i'm trying to seize all the bandwidth for myself
the program uses the LAN, therefore there'll always be data transfer from my PC
simply ending the process of the program doesn't solve the problem
don't ever try doing something that you don't even know the consequence
i was trying to limit the bandwidth used by PPS to lower it down and not affect the buffering
have you ever notice that internet browsing is smoother even when someone is watching PPS?

not to say i'm selfish
you only think from your point of view
i tried to think from your point of view too
but have you even put a thought from my point of view?
one person gaming leads to others unable to do whatever they want
one person gaming, others can't download, can't watch video, can't even load big pages
anything affecting the quality of the game is intolerable
but on the other hand, others can do whatever they want even when i'm downloading
unless my downloads are very high, there's not much effect on other activities
is it me or online games are the ones that are fragile?

not to forget, there's also a maple player among us
he doesn't seem to attract any trouble
every evening, he tends to play for "boss hunting"
since he have a fixed routine, everything is fine with him

one episode of the series can take more than a week to complete
by then, another episode is out
that's why it goes on like a plague
desperate actions led me to just do what i want
even that only took a small amount of time out of your "great gaming session"
ever think of everyone taking one step back?
you let me download smoothly and i let you play smoothly
you set your time to play your game and i set my time to download
as long as i'm done with my routine
you can do as you please

now that you have even threatened to punch me in the face
i don't know how to explain things to you
there really is a function in uTorrent that can stop its download
when there is other internet activity
but since everyone is signed in to messengers
and facebook pages are always open
i can't use the function anymore
hope you can make some sense
the world is not just about you and your game
you are not the center of the world
the world doesn't revolve around you
the world includes others to think about too

ever think about how bored others become while you are entertaining yourself?
i remembered one of us complaining to you when are you letting him watch PPS
i remembered you scolding one of us for streaming PPS and falling asleep
(if you let me use the program then that wouldn't be a problem anymore)
i can see videos shared by others in facebook but i cant watch them

about the "get your own internet line" issue
why not you get it
since your online game only requires very low bandwidth
why waste our 2Mbps line for such application
get your own 512kbps line is more than enough

and yeah.. i'll get my own internet line as soon as i get back to my hometown
no need to worry about me being poor and not able to do that
but if you feel like quitting the game now
i would be very much thankful ^^

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


last sunday (03/07/2010) we went to the sg. gabai waterfall in hulu langat
here's some pics from our trip
pics taken by yii soon with his NIKON D90

at the entrance

 bottom view of the waterfall at the steepest part

 side view

 taking pics before we start our climb

 middle part of waterfall


 rushing water

 posing at further upstream

BATA (Buy And Throw Away) slippers


may the flowing water flush away my worries, leaving only tranquility


the wildest smile =)

stone on rock

further upstream

ripple visual effect

a friendly encounter

above water gushing downstream

with company

shivering in cold, with two gigantic toads

high durability watch under flowing water

at the observation platform

group photo


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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


last friday my apartment has another two creatures
not cats
not mice
not tortoise
but two puppies
toy poodles to be exact

first day at my place is very pleasant
they were very adorable and fun
that's what i think at the first moment i saw them
what happens next is unbearable

starting the next day
they start to get noisy
barking (more like monkey screams) in the cage
peeing and pooing on the floor whenever and wherever they want

things get ugly early in the morning
no more alarm clocks but dog calls
it can be very annoying as they are just outside of my room, in the living room
the sound they make don't even resemble dog barks
more like squeels
and the noise they make when thrashing around in the cage
mornings are not quiet and tranquil anymore
my housemates are still snoozing
while i'm wide awake
just cant stand my early mornings to be disturbed in this manner

you know what?
all those ruckus stop the moment someone is near the cage
stupid damn vermins just wants attention
what the hell?!

today we have exam
and the female one is sick
so male one is out of the cage while we're gone
i forgot my ID
so i went back for it
once entering the apartment
i saw, dog poo
fresh from the anus
and one spot of pee not far away

at last, a reason to clean the apartment
the dogs keep on doing what they want every now and then

when will they be properly potty-trained?
when will they learn how to shut up in the morning?
that's all i have to complaint for now